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So my BFF (since High School, now I’m 29) has not asked, but TOLD me I am in her wedding as a bridesmaid.  WHAT?!?!?

She is getting married a year from today and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding last year.  But I asked…  And she was not a silent bridesmaid by any means! 

Always voicing her opinion. Being combative with my mother. Having ME (the bride) pay for her makeup, her shoes, the last minute (and I mean day of the wedding she ripped the zipper off her bridesmaid dress 2 hours before I was to walk down the aisle) alterations and any other little day of expense you can think of.

I feel like reverting back to my 2 year old days and throwing a tantrum!

I came across this really funny article on Huffington Post and thought I should share!

Am I the worst BFF ever?

7 Lovely Logics

  • Make peace with your past, so it doesn’t spoil your present.
  • What others think of you is none of your business.
  • Time heals almost everything, give the time some time.
  • No one is the reason for your happiness except you, yourself.
  • Don’t compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is all about. 
  • Stop thinking too much, it’s alright to not know all the answers.
  • Smile, you don’t own all the problems in the world. 
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